In the beginning of the 60’s, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) established an identity code for each exporting country that, followed by the exporters code and the loading/shipping number, is stamped since then in each bag of coffee. As a small tribute to the history of the bag of coffee, Cafés El Magnífico wants to contribute perpetuating this traditional numeration.


The most diverse cultures in the preparation and serving of coffee have created very precise methods of extraction to make coffee tasting a moment of privilege. Fundamental for obtaining the type of brew you like most, at Cafés El Magnífico you can find every kind of accessory to share this moment, from different filters for infused coffees, long and aromatic brews , and all the necessary complements (tampers, measuring spoons, cups, etc.).
Our experts will recommend the type of accessory suitable for your needs and will also inform you about the coffee espresso machine type for short and intense brews.

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