In the beginning of the 60’s, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) established an identity code for each exporting country that, followed by the exporters code and the loading/shipping number, is stamped since then in each bag of coffee. As a small tribute to the history of the bag of coffee, Cafés El Magnífico wants to contribute perpetuating this traditional numeration.
La Esmeralda Geisha Coffee
Exemplary Coffee
La Esmeralda (Microlote La colgá )
Daniel Peterson
Chiriquí, Boquete
Jaramillo and Cañas Verdes
1.600 – 1.800 msnm
Washed | SOIL: Volcanic
1,44 €. / cup

La Esmeralda Geisha Coffee

From 22,50 to 180,00

Do you know what it costs you a quality coffee prepared at home?
Using 8 grs. (customary measure) drink a cup of this extraordinary coffee for 1.44 €.
As a producer, Daniel's interest in the sensory evaluation of coffee was a rarity. The habit in Hacienda Esmeralda has always been to collect cherries as they ripen, plot by plot, but all Jaramillo's coffee would end up being mixed. It was only in 2002 when Daniel Peterson realized that it was a few plants of this special varietal (3%) on the farm, which raised the overall fresh acidity of the whole lot. He began collecting and selectively separating these cherries which he considered to be of the particular variety that created this unique aroma and flavour. This is where the new age begins.

Daniel is a meticulous person, curious and ambitious. He picks selectively from the areas of the farm that he had supposed to be the best ones. Then cups each batch one by one, select only the best, mix the small batches, and sell them as special Geisha Esmeralda. Winning the BoP every year from 2004 to 2007 suggests that this was not a bad strategy.

However, the following year Hacienda Esmeralda had the idea of auctioning the microlots of each area separately, with different collection dates. All were from Jaramillo, everything was Geisha, but each lot differed slightly from one another. It was a success!
After the harvest, the cherries are taken to the wet mill and pass through a pulper to remove most of its layer of skin and pulp. The coffee is placed in clean water tanks where any remaining mucilage is removed through fermentation. In addition to "cleaning" the parchment, this process helps to convert the sugars into acids.

Subsequently the beans are washed to remove the remaining residues; it is the last stage before scattering them in raised beds to dry in the sun.
Roasting date: 17-12-2018 - Reservations are allowed.

Citric and floral fragrance, sweet and elegant aromas. Clean, silky, lively acidity, citrus notes like bergamot, orange and jasmine. Simply outstanding.

*Light Roast. Recommended for any type of coffee machine except espresso.
Boquete is a very special place: there is good camaraderie and professional solidarity among the smart and ambitious coffee producers. From this fertile ground came the Association of Specialty Coffees of Panama (SCAP in Spanish), and the Best of Panama (BoP), celebrated for the first time in 1996 - three years before the COE (Cup of Excellence).

Many Panamanian coffee producers know their product well. They are experienced roasters and qualified cuppers. Daniel has been a part of this community since its inception. In 2012, the BoP made the radical - and quite natural - intervention of separating the varietal Geisha into a separate category in the competition. It was the first auction program to do so, but you will surely see more of that in the future.