In the beginning of the 60’s, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) established an identity code for each exporting country that, followed by the exporters code and the loading/shipping number, is stamped since then in each bag of coffee. As a small tribute to the history of the bag of coffee, Cafés El Magnífico wants to contribute perpetuating this traditional numeration.
Exemplary Coffee
Saint Cloud
Shirley Family
Blue Mountain
St. Andrew Parish
1.200 masl
1,60 €. / cup


From 25,00 to 200,00

Do you know what it costs you a quality coffee prepared at home?
Using 8 grs. (customary measure) drink a cup of this extraordinary coffee for 1,60 €.
Cultivated by the second generation of the Shirley family, St. Clouds is located in St. Andrew Parish. It is located approximately 3km from Stoneleigh Coffee Factory and 8km from Mavis Bank at an altitude of between 1.100 and more than 1.200 meters above sea level. The property comprises approximately 18 hectares of Arabica of the Typica and Geisha varieties grown largely on shaded ground.

In addition to soils with fertile characteristics for coffee growing, St. Clouds has a spectacular view facing the "Blue Mountains" on one side, and on the other, the city of Kingston. It is located in the heart of the "Blue Mountains", just crossing its famous peak. During the harvest, it employs 25 extra collectors, but there are always around 7 full-time employees to continue the maintenance of the coffee trees during the rest of the year, including pruning and cutting when necessary. The annual production of exportable coffee from St. Clouds varies between 12.000 and 14.000kg of green coffee.

The cherries are harvested manually between January and March. They are transferred and processed on the same day in their washing station.

First they depulp the cherries and let them ferment in water tanks between 1 and 2 days. Then the beans are washed with clean running water, soaked in new water tanks again and finally put to dry and thanks to the sun's rays the ideal final desired moisture degree is reached.
Roasting date: 17-12-2018 - Reservations are allowed.

Very sweet fragrance of toffee, roasted sweet potato and cinnamon. Mellow, medium body and velvety. No acidity, flavours reminiscent of caramel and white chocolate, lingering aftertaste.
The story begins before the seed was sown on the ground. Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee can claim its origins from a decision made by a French king in the eighteenth century. In 1723, Louis XV sent three coffee plants to the French colony of Martinique, another lush and fertile island 1.900 kilometers southwest of Jamaica. Five years later, in 1728, Sir Nicholas Lawes, Governor of Jamaica, received as a gift a coffee plant from the Governor of Martinique. The rest is history.

Only coffee grown in the legally defined territory defined as "Blue Mountains" can be certified as Blue Mountain Coffee. But also, to be labeled "Jamaica Blue Mountain", coffee must meet a series of criteria, as established by the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board. Coffee should be grown in the Blue Mountains between elevations of 915 and 1.675 meters above sea level. The entire area above this point is a forest reserve, and coffee cultivated at lower elevations can not be labeled as such. The board ensures the quality and classification of the coffees, and regulates the coffee industry in Jamaica.