Our shop


We are real enthusiasts of our job, we are coffee roasters.

We are focused in selling our coffee retail and wholesale to supply and support all those people that wish the best possible coffee. We are also committed in the diffusion of coffee of high quality and that this should be the rule and not the exception. We taste, buy, import, roast, prepare and deliver the best coffee we can find and never stop asking ourselves how we can improve in our job.

Our purpose is to value the coffee farmers work and make it known preserving the traceability. We have a clear guide in the quality of service and raw material, rigorous roasts, knowledge about the origins and training in the tasting.

We are the third generation at the head of a company that we are passionate about. The coffees we choose and roast are the result of a great quantity of accumulated information, through trips, experiences, readings, studies and conversations about coffee and you can find this in every coffee bean we offer.

We also need a customer who is curious and reflexive and knows how to appreciate this exceptional quality. To achieve this, in Cafés El Magnifico we have dedicated our time to put in the hands of these Coffee aficionados the means to know and understand why these coffees are out of series.