In the beginning of the 60’s, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) established an identity code for each exporting country that, followed by the exporters code and the loading/shipping number, is stamped since then in each bag of coffee. As a small tribute to the history of the bag of coffee, Cafés El Magnífico wants to contribute perpetuating this traditional numeration.
Volcán Poás Coffee
Costa Rica
Hacienda Salomón
Naranjo, Western Valley
Poás Volcano
1.500 masl
Caturra and Red Catuaí
Washing | SOIL: Volcanic
0,19 €. / cup

Volcán Poás Coffee

From 6,00 to 24,00

Do you know what it costs you a quality coffee prepared at home?
Using 8 grs. (customary measure) drink a cup of this extraordinary coffee for 0.19 €.
In the mountains of the Western Valley (Naranjo), coffee from the Hacienda Solomon is being cultivated and processed at an altitude of 1.500 meters above sea level. Surrounded by the Rio Grande and the Colorado River and the Poás and Barva volcanoes, 100% of its coffee plantations are cultivated under shade, with native species such as Guachipelín, Aguacatillo, Guaba, Cuajiniquil, Lorillo. All these characteristics are coordinated to obtain a very balanced cup with acidity and complex aromas and great sweetness.

Part of the farm is a virgin forest, where you can admire a large number of species such as quetzales (birds) or armadillos.
After harvesting, the cherries are taken to the wet mill, passing through a pulper to remove most of their layer of skin and pulp. The coffee is placed in clean water tanks where any remaining pulp is removed through the fermentation. The fermentation process in addition to "cleaning" the parchment also helps to convert the sugars into acids.

Subsequently the beans are washed to get rid of the remaining residues, the last stage before spreading them out in the drying patios under the sun.
Sweet aroma. Caramel, licorice and black pepper flavours. Low acidity, medium body and pleasant and lasting taste.

The coffee plantations of the Western Valley probably produce the finest coffees of the country, they are in a range of altitude between 1.200 and 1.700 masl and is one of the newest producing zones of Costa Rica. This region is responsible for an extremely high percentage of Cup of Excellence winners due to the excellent work of several micro benefits. It produces almost 25% of the country's total coffee production where the Villalobos and Villa Sarchí varieties are the most common.

Volcán Poás produces a very fine coffee with a little more fruit than its southern neighbour region Tarrazú.