In the beginning of the 60’s, the International Coffee Organization (ICO) established an identity code for each exporting country that, followed by the exporters code and the loading/shipping number, is stamped since then in each bag of coffee. As a small tribute to the history of the bag of coffee, Cafés El Magnífico wants to contribute perpetuating this traditional numeration.
Café Los Pirineos
El Salvador
Los Pirineos
Gilberto Baraona
Tecapa - Chinameca
Usulatán - Berlin
1.550 masl
Bourbon Elite, Pacamara
Double Washed | SOIL: Volcanic
0,35 €. / cup

Café Los Pirineos

From 11,00 to 44,00

Do you know what it costs you a quality coffee prepared at home?
Using 8 grs. (customary measure) drink a cup of this extraordinary coffee for 0.35 €.
Finca Los Pirineos has produced "cup of Excellence" coffees, nothing more than less than eight times, four of which were classified among the top ten. The producer, Gilberto Baraona, is on the board of the auctions of Project Origin Best of El Salvador. The farm uses eight different processing methods and more than 90 varieties of coffee.

Located in the volcano Tecapa in Usulután at 1.550 meters above sea level, Finca Los Pirineos is a model farm and a mill for coffees. The Bourbon Elite varietal used in this lot arrived in El Salvador from the Reunion Islands and is also known as French Mission Bourbon.
The washed process involves the use of a pulper to remove the pulp, or its skin, to then remove the mucilage with water. Los Pirineos uses two different methods to eliminate the mucilage: machines and fermentation tanks. The extraction of the mucilage by machine involves mechanical washing. It is easier and faster than the use of tanks, in which microbes break down the mucilage.

First coffee goes through water channels that separate them by density also separating the foreign matters. It is then pulped and demucilaged mechanically with stainless steel machinery and with the help of water. Once this stage is finished, the beans are placed in water tanks for an extra wash where the water is changed every 2 or 3 hours until a period of 24 hours and put to dry in raised shaded beds.

The mechanical demucilaged process helps to save water, reduces the risk of human error during fermentation and the extra wash gives this refined profile of specialty washed coffees.

After processing, the dry coffee is graded by size and sorted to eliminate any visible form of defects, that can be done with machines or manually. They are then packed and exported.
Very sweet and chocolate fragrance. Aroma of candied nuts and meringue milk. Clean, medium intensity, sweet, dairy notes like strawberry ice cream.

Located in the east of the country, the mountainous region of Tecapa - Chinameca (500 – 2.140 meters above sea level) covers 17.300 hectares where its nearly 3.000 producers can see the dew covering the coffee trees in the early hours of the morning. The most common varieties in the region are: Bourbon, Pacas and Pacamara.

The altitude and the annual precipitation create an ideal microclimate, its situation facing east and west, allows a longer solar exposure, which helps a better maturation of the fruit, and fertile soils with high content of organic and volcanic matter provide high content of phosphorus and potassium nutrients, which are necessary to obtain high quality coffees.