A tribute to the values of the past with a look at the future.

Our family started to live and work in our dear neighborhood, La Ribera in the year 1919. Due to historical facts taking place at the time it was not until 1962 that the brand Cafes El Magnifico was created and initiated by my parents.

In the year 1987 a study trip to Maison Jobin in Le Havre, by the time a well known importer of fine coffees, resulted in the first import of this type of coffee. Two years later we opened our shop in Barcelona in Argenteria Street where we roast a carefully selected choice of fine coffees, until today.

The world of fine coffees has developed a lot. Maybe, one of the most determined milestones has been the creation in 1999 of the Cup of Excellence competition, with the aim of announcing the best coffee farmers and their coffees. Since 2002 we participate as international jury members convinced by the value, opportunity and transcendence of this competition. We also participate in the Best of Panama, competition where the famous Geisha got to get known around the world.

Committed with coffee culture, we founded The Forum Cultural del Café in the year 1996 together with 5 other coffee roasters, association of which I have been President in two occasions and have participated in multiple boards of directors since then. Today this association is a reference for all professionals in the coffee business, bringing together a major part of the specialty coffee sector.

Our work team is in constant training, both internal and external. The values of work and service that my parents instilled in me and that I pass over to the next generation together with an open mind to innovation and novelty are the headlights that illuminate our future.

Salvador Sans Velasco